Conferences and Meetings

ISBE aims to organise an international conference, “Healthy and Sustainable Buildings” every 3 years. Please look out for announcement and official website for the conference.

We collaborate with a number of international institutions and co-hosted the following symposia and conferences. Selected and extended papers from some of these conferences were published in special issues in Indoor and Built Environment journal:

·“Health and Wellbeing” for Sustainable Building in Korea”: 2nd Sustainable Healthy Buildings (SHB) Symposium, 9 October 2009, Seoul, Republic of Korea. [Indoor Built Environ 2010; 19(1)]

·“Sustainable Urban Development and Building Environment – SuDBE 2009”: 28 - 30 October 2009, Chongqing, China

·“Human Aspects of Built Environments”: 3rd Sustainable Healthy Buildings (SHB) Symposium, 27 May 2010, Seoul, Republic of Korea. [Indoor Built Environ 2011; 20(1)]

·“The 1st International Workshop on SVOCs in the Indoor Environment (The 3rd Japan, Korea and China Annual Seminar)”; 31 May – 2nd June 2010, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

·“Sustainable Development for Future Building” & “Preventing Sick buildings in an Ageing and Welfare Society”: 5th Sustainable Healthy Buildings (SHB) Symposium, 10 February 2011, Seoul, Republic of Korea. [Indoor Built Environ 2012; 21(1)]

·World Renewable Energy, Asia Region and SuDBE 2011, 28-31 October 2011, Chongqing, China

·The 4th International Symposium on Heat Transfer and Energy Conservation (ISHTEC2012), 6-9 Jan 2012, Guangzhou, China

·“Materials and Lighting” & “Holistic Health Considerations for a Sustainable Caring Society”: 6th Sustainable Healthy Buildings (SHB) Symposium, 10 February 2012, Seoul, Republic of Korea. [Indoor Built Environ 2013; 22(1)]

·“Parameters for Sustainable Management of Buildings” 10th & 11th Sustainable Healthy Buildings (SHB) Symposium, 7 June and 1 November 2013, Seoul, Republic of Korea. [Indoor Built Environ 2014; 23(1)]

·The 8th International Symposium on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning – ISHVAC 2013, to be held at Xi’an University of Architecture &Technology, Xi’an, China from October 10-13, 2013.



Previous conferences organised by ISBE prior to 2009:

7-9 Oct 92: Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation. Montréal, Canada. [Indoor Environ 1993;2(5/6)]

1-3 Dec 92: Quality of the Indoor Environment: Scientific and Regulatory Aspects. Prague, Czechoslovakia. [Indoor Environ 1993;2(4)]

5 May 1994: Emerging Issues in Indoor Air Pollution. Oxford, England. [Indoor Environ 1994;3(4)]

29 Jun 96: Environmental & Occupational Health in Central & Eastern Europe. Budapest, Hungary.  [Indoor Built Environ 1997;6(4)]

#. Jan 1997: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Clinical Relevance of Pleural Plaques. Basel, Switzerland (Indoor Built Environ 1997;6(2):67-130.)

15 Jun 98: Health Effects of Silica in the Built Environment. Royal Institution, London. [Indoor Built Environ 1999;8(2)]

3-4 Jul 98: IUTOX Satellite meeting on Carbon Monoxide. Dijon, France. [Indoor Built Environ 1999;8(3)]

29-30 Mar 1999: Mechanical Ventilation in Buildings. Cardiff, Wales. [Indoor Built Environ 2000;9(2)]

23-24 Jun 2000: Health Effects of Ionising and Non-Ionising Radiation. Brest, France. [Indoor Built Environ 2001;10(5)]

18-19 Apr 2001: Challenges and Solutions to Monitoring Indoor Air Pollution. Manchester, England. [Indoor Built Environ 2001;10(3/4)]

10-11 Oct 2002: Problems Affecting the Quality of the Indoor Environment in Hospitals. Prague, Czech Republic. [Indoor Built Environ 2003;12(1/2)]

28-30 Aug 2002: Humid Buildings: A Workshop on Measurements and Effects. Gothenburg, Sweden. [Indoor Built Environ 2003;12:209-264]

31 Mar 2002 – 3 Apr 2002: International Meeting held in Ankara, Turkey: The First Symposium on Nutrition, Environment and Cancer. Ankara, Turkey. [Indoor Built Environ 2003;12(6):365-440]

20-21 Apr 2004: International Conference on Monitoring Indoor Air Pollution. Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, England. [Indoor Built Environ 2005;14(3/4)]

15-16 Sept 2005: 'Building a sustainable future: Tools and decision making for sustainable urban development' held as held as a part of the Practical Evaluation Tool for Urban Sustainability (PETUS) project, Cardiff, UK. [Indoor Built Environ 2007;16(3):201-285]

6-7 Oct 2005: Second International Conference on the Quality of the Indoor Environment in Hospitals. [Indoor Built Environ 2006;15(1)]